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Innovation & Creative Intelligence

A lesson in adaptive resilience

Drawing in the Lamposcope

A system for shared sketching at a distance (PDF)

Experience Art

Experiments and Magic in Art and Science

How Creativity Works

(and how the patent system thinks it works)

Creativity and Cognition

Keynote Speeches and Dadaism in Atlanta Georgia

Notes from a SIGGRAPH Panel

On Successful Creative Collaboration Across Time & Space

In case you're new

What I'm Working On

processing sketch with webcam, 3d, drawing

Imaginary Tablets

A message from the day before the probability waveforms collapsed

Reclaiming Affordances

«The affordances of the environment are what it offers to the animal, what it provides or furnishes, either for good or for ill»

Virtual Meeting Rooms

(The longer it takes you to catch on, the more visionary I get)

Ad-hoc workspace sharing prototype

Remixing reality for under $500 a pop

Sixteen slides

(a summary of my research from 2009, with some notes on metholodogy).

Mondrian's Atelier and the 場 (ba) Principle

Intensely personal

A Pale Shadow of Reality

Virtuality as a Second-Best Option

The Design of Virtual Place for Creative Collaboration (PDF)

My Honours Research Report and presentation

Space, Place and 場

The beginning of my current path

More from Viveka

Chartjunk. The madness ends here

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Creative Place

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